Thursday, January 22, 2009

Feed a cold and feed a fever

Got a cold? Feel one coming on? Or just feel blah. Here's what you need...

Almost every neighborhood Chinese restaurant I've encountered has something on the menu called "house special won ton soup" or "ten-ingredient soup," made up of broth, roast pork, chicken, shrimp and vegetables plus a few won tons. (If you don't eat meat or chicken or shrimp, decent restaurants will be happy to accommodate your needs and if not, keep going until you find one!)

The soup is usually pretty good as-is but if you can get it to-go, grab a quart (about $5-$6), bring it home, add some raw onions, chopped fresh garlic, celery, cayenne and any other vegetables you have around: Carrots, bell pepper, mushrooms, jalapenos... like that. And if you have any cooked chicken, why the hell not. Tofu, too, if you like.

Tabasco or other hot sauce should be added to taste.

And if you want to dump in some cooked rice or noodles, sure. Ramen noodles will work, too.

You will feel better while you eat it, at the very least, guaranteed.


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