Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Review: The Burning Oak

The Burning Oak
8006 W McNab Rd
North Lauderdale, FL 33068

Reviewed 1/26/16

Two visits and I'm hooked. REAL wood/smoked barbeque! 

First visit, tried the ribs: meaty, smokey and delicious. Great sauce, too, but the rub and smoke added more than sufficient flavor. Corn bread was good (needs a little work but quite acceptable) and the coleslaw was good, too (not Shorty's-good but good).

My friend had the chicken and I could not believe how moist and tender it was.

I NEVER order barbequed chicken out because it's always dry and nearly flavorless but this was different; even the breast was juicy.

Second visit, ordered the chicken; beautiful, juicy barbequed half chicken (and not one of those mutant miniature birds they serve at Boston Market — full sized!). It was delicious and I could barely finish it. The corn bread was a little better this time and the collard greens were terrific; tasty with bits of pork for flavor. Nice!

My friend had the pulled pork sandwich and It was quite good, too, based on the sample he provided. ;)

I may revisit this review and give them five stars after a few more visits (and when they smooth out a few little rough spots, service-wise; nothing major but a little less than perfect. No problems but not a five-star experience — yet.).

In the meantime, this is definitely among the top five places for 'que in South Florida. Kudos!

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